6 reasons to adopt and not buy true love

Having a pet is an act of love and devotion that a person freely and voluntarily establishes towards a living being of another species, and that must involve the effort and “sacrifice” of the person in favor of the welfare of the animal, and not vice versa , since the person is the party that establishes this relationship.

Where do the pets that are bought come from?

Once the importance of the person-pet relationship has been correctly understood, it is also important to understand where pets come from. In the case of dogs and cats, which are the most common pets, their place of origin will always be animal breeding sites

Although there are different types of animal breeders, legal and more controlled and concerned about the welfare of the animal or those who, although legal, only see them as merchandise and produce industrially or even those that are illegal, all of them “produce” animals forcing the reproductionof mothers artificially. Do not forget that, like any “product”, it must be replaced at distribution points. In addition, the conditions in which these animals live until they reach families turn them into truly unfortunate living beings. In general, they are confined and cramped in very small spaces, the young are separated from their mothers before they can fend for themselves and, in addition, those pups that do not meet market standards will be directly slaughtered or abandoned because they will not be easy to sell in a store.

13 years ago I made my first rescue / adoption (Chester), in the most unexpected and spontaneous way going out of a restaurant in my hometown, this became the most wonderful change not only in my life, but in my family’s. From this and all my adoption experiences I can list some reasons to say YES to the adoption of your future pet.

  • 1. SAVE TWO LIVES. Adopting a stray dog you will be saving its life, offering it a second chance to have a home and lead a dignified and happy existence. In addition to this, you allow the free space to be occupied by a second dog, also waiting for its perfect family..
  • 2. WELL EDUCATED AND SOCIAL: most dogs with “previous owners” are already trained to live in a house. They are also very used to dealing with many people and other animals, which makes it easier to adapt to a new family.
  • 3. LOVE / PERSONALITY recue or adopted animals are much more affectionate, they think that you have given them a new opportunity, and a home. The bond you will establish will be very special. If you decide to do it through an animal shelter, you can find a dog that matches your unique personality.
  • 4. GRATITUDE: you will be rewarded with unique looks and other expressions of gratitude during the time you both share together.
  • 5. IT’S A CONSCIENCE QUESTION. Abandonment and animal abuse is a problem that affects the current society, and buying animals we are only fomenting it. Instead, give the opportunity to a dog that has not had a good life.
  • 6. A GOOD ACT IN EXCHANGE FOR REAL LOVE: Dog love has no borders, it will accompany you in good and bad times, and it will show solidarity with your emotions when you are sad or depressed. It is much more rewarding to adopt an animal that has suffered and to which you can give a new life, seeing how that brightness in its eyes lights up when it sees you …. Awwww and it feels great to know that you saved a life.

What about you, have you already experienced this kind of love?

If you want to sponsor or join the adoption of a 4-legged friend, especially in South American countries you can check the link of Fundación Pet Aid Colombia Animal Rescue

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