How to combine sweaters?

Wind, rain, snow … are not excuses when dressing well. On the contrary! With the ideas I’ll give you, you’ll wish that the cold doesn’t go away!

about sweaters. It is one of my favorite autumn / winter garments. I love looks like the ones below. They are clean, easy and very stylish.

Keep in mind that WOOL garments are the most cozy so it is worth to use thick sweaters, depending on the situation we can choose more elegant or more casual sweaters.


Being so thick they can make us look one extra size. The trick so that it doesn’t happen is to wear them a little tucked inside the waist of the pants or the skirt with which we accompany them.

A thick sweater with a tighter pencil skirt is a perfect combination.

In the following case also the mixture of colors is beautiful; very seasonal and at the same time with enough joy because the mustard sweater gives light to the whole outfit. Dressing in 3 colors is also safe.

We can also choose openwork sweaters that are perfect for spring. They are almost like mid-season sweaters.

Puffy or chubby sweaters are an easy and stylish combination with skinny jeans because they balance the silhouette and are super chic; and even more if you tucked the sweater a little bit in the waist of the pants.

If a little bit doesn’t convince you, putting it completely inside the garment looks very structured; clean, more formal and above all … lengthen the legs!

With sweaters you can also play matching monochrome, more sporty or more casual chic combinations. In any case you can either choose the same color in the same tone or the same color in different tones. Both will look very good and you won’t have to complicate thinking about whether the colors combine or not with each other. It’s super easy and comfortable

And after these brief styling ideas and combinations I hope you do well for those moments of mental block that we all have when we think “what do I wear” … .. =)

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