Listen your body!

I decided to give a 180 degree turn to my life, first through physical exercise and then through a radical change of eating habits. I made the decision to lead a healthy life and feel good in my spirit, body and mind.

Although I always liked to practice sports, 1 year ago I threw myself into laziness, due to work. The exhausting pace of life in New York City, sporadic travel, cold weather and limited free time, I stopped doing exercise. Then during a period of 6 months in 2018 I gained 20 kilos!!! Yes! 20 kilos!!! In this little body of 1.65 meters, I did not feel well. So I decided to leave that continuous meditative state.

Since I do not have the courage to do surgery, I started eating healthy. With just vegetables I lost 10 kilos and I went to a coach to help me.

I verified that with a balanced diet you achieve 80% of the goal of losing weight, the rest is exercise. I set myself a challenge and it was to return to my natural state, to the athletic figure I had before.

For 2 months I’ve been training every day and this is my lifestyle now.

I don’t drink soda, I don’t eat fried food. I do not diet.

In physical activity everything is invented, that’s why I believe that everyone should look for comfort and exercise that will entertain and leave you satisfied.

I eat according to my blood type, which means I suspended fats, wheat, refined flour, dairy products and sugar, because they don’t do me any good. I eat chocolate all the time because it recharges my energy.

You have to listen to the body. This is now my way of life, it makes me happy. I am not a slave of diets and exercise fills me with energy; it makes me see everything positive in life and clears my mind.

I eat what is good for my body, I am a carnivorous, I eat almost everything and I like to cook my food

I think the important thing is to be happy and that the activity or sport challenges and passions you.

The best thing about all this is to see the results, both inside and out.

The important thing for people who have not decided to lead a healthy life is that they do not make the decision because family or society tells you that you are fat or because your friends criticize you. Do it because it is a personal challenge, for being healthy, for a commitment of life with yourself. When you see the results you will know that it was worth it.

With my blog I will start to share exercises and recipes. With this I also seek to share my passion for healthy, but delicious food, show that what matters is to achieve the goals and think that you don’t have to fill your body with garbage you have to change routines and if you want to lose weight, increase cardiovascular work .


Recommendations for those who want to do physical activity:

    • Listen to your body, it talks all the time and tells you what is good and what is not.
    • Want to do it.
    • Find fun activities that give you happiness.
    • Start by walking, jogging slowly or dancing. (What you like the most).
    • Search for a group of friends to cheer you up.
    • If you don’t have a group of friends, and you think you need more specialized help, look for a coach or an ally to motivate you.
    • If you think you’re ready for discipline, enter the gym.
    • Don’t do crazy and unbalanced diets.
    • Acquire habits, with them comes discipline and everything flows.
    • When you click and really connect, everything changes, this generates responsibility and self-love. Did I give up? Yes, many times, especially in winter time I just wanted to be in my house. What made me get up? Self-motivation
    • About the forbidden: I’m not banned from hamburgers, pizzas, ice creams and hot dogs because this is not what kills you itself. What is really harmful is the preparation and the low quality ingredients used to make it in a massive and industrial way.. So if I decide to sin, I prepare them, in my house, in the most natural way possible.


For those people who lead a sedentary life and want to change their lifestyle, I give you three basic recommendations to start:

      • 1. Drink a lot of liquid, hopefully water, is essential for the health of the body, its organs and systems.
      • 2. Don’t do prolonged fasting, many people think that in this way they quickly lose weight and the only thing they are doing is causing great damage to the organism.
      • 3. Find the time to move. If you go to the office by car every day, try not to do it all the time, try to walk. If you always use the elevator try to go up the stairs. The key is to move.

When you acquire these first 3 habits the body starts to respond because you sleep better and you will want to eat better. You will have more vital energy. You will release more endorphins and you will have more happiness.

One thing leads to the other and in the blink of an eye you clicked and finally you will be connected…..

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