Natalia Arango | Image Consultant

Blogger & Entrepreneur

I created this blog as a space to share my love for writing and inspiration, as well as my experiences around the world, in every place I go with my Latin identity that characterizes me and that I wear with pride. In it, I seek to offer my readers recommendations on lifestyle, travel, healthy and balanced food, passion for fashion and connection with nature to have a happy and balanced life. Within what moves me is to share messages and thoughts with people, that’s the reason for my Reflections and motivations for the soul section.

The Golden Blog is aimed at people without stereotypes, seeks to transmit the best energy through all my publications. Why The Golden?. Because I don’t forget where I come from: The Golden Gate of Colombia (Barranquilla), always keeping my Caribbean essence, with that magical identity and spontaneity that characterizes us.

The opportunity to live in different countries made me a citizen of the world, which along with good and bad experiences has allowed me to see and feel life in a different way, developing a deep connection with different cultures, races, languages and ethnicities. Multi-skilled Yes !, Business Administrator and Radio Host, passionate about fashion in all its eras, shapes and colors. Allied to the social causes and vehement fighter of rights for Animals and the most vulnerable.

The Golden Blog by Natalia Arango