This is the fashion we will be wearing in 2020

Although we still haven’t finished this winter, designers are already thinking about the fashion that will triumph next winter 2020. After what was shown in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Madrid, these are the most realistic trends and adapted to our body types.


The long, long coats will be trend next Fall / Winter 2019-2020. The truth is that they are very beautiful and elegant, but impractical for day to day because they weigh a lot and are very bulky. If you are very tall or thin you will be super! but if you are very short it is recommended that they never go below the knee.


It is a very elegant piece with an enchanting theatrical point. It favors both if you are thin and of big size and also if you choose it in a good cloth you know that it will be an investment for a lifetime, since it is one of those timeless pieces that enrich your wardrobe background. The longer, the more difficult to wear on the day to day, but it certainly has much more presence. Dare to wear it!


Checks will continue to be worn in Fall / Winter 2019-2020, so all of us who have bought them this season will continue to amortize them next year. If you want to disguise some extra kilos, we recommend smaller ones and those with very dark shades. The star garment is the coat, but checked pants are also a good option.


It seems to be my dears that next winter we’ll continue seeing sequins and lurex to cheer up the winter cold a bit. Remember to keep those points of your anatomy that you want to disguise away from the brightness because they stand out when you wear them with bright fabrics.


This is my favorite!!! Leather is sophisticated and transgressive and that’s why we love it. Next Autumn / Winter 2019-2020 the looks of this fabric will be in all its glory. The fitted leather jackets are a very flattering garment that stylizes a lot especially if you choose them in a dark tone. Safe purchase!.


the feminine forms will stand out with skirt outfits and dresses in which the sheers and the long midi will take center stage. Ideal for women with marked waist or long legs.


Spanish designers bet on the movement and elegance that fringes bring to any look. Whether in a skirt, a dress, or a belt, fringes give that dynamic and stylish touch that make a simple item in the season hit. I personally do not like them for me.


this jacket of Japanese origin is another of the proposals that will triumph next winter. The truth is that I see it as super wearable.


they are undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated garments, and next autumn / winter 2019-2020 will be the protagonists of the most elegant looks. If you have a short neck or large breasts, avoid them at the neckline and bet on the sleeves and the low part.


High waist and very wide leg, pants will be comfortable and masculine style. Good news as they help camouflage for those of us with wide thighs.


blouses and dresses collars will have ties to give a sophisticated retro touch to your looks. They are ideal if you have small breasts since they help to give volume in the torso.


Furs will continue to be part of our wardrobe, something that is appreciated when we get cold. Always choose them in oversize pieces, since being big enough they shouldn’t fit the body if you don’t want to look wider.

I hope this helps you a lot, so we can get an idea when we change the wardrobe to adapt to spring, what is for sure is that we have to hang on to some items to wear next year …. =)

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